Terms and Conditions

For Keto Nanay Meal Service Delivery


1.1 NO CANCELLATIONS allowed regardless of weekly or monthly subscription. In any instance the dieter would not be able to receive the meals, it will still be delivered and dieter shall be responsible for the delivered meals afterwards.

Delivery Time

2.1 The food is delivered every morning, Monday to Friday, before 10am, latest at 11:00 am. Delivery time may vary every day, there are no time commitments.

2.2 In case of uncontrollable circumstances such as inclement weather, accidents, or other rider and road related incidents, our latest delivery time is 11:00 am. In cases such as these, you will be informed by Keto Nanay.

2.3 If you will not be around during the estimated delivery time, kindly inform us immediately. If possible, please assign authorized person to accept the delivery for you, such as the village/lobby guard or a member of your household. For condominiums or villages, please inform Keto Nanay for any special arrangements if you want to deliver the food at the lobby or guard.

2.4 If you are picking your food up from a receptionist or guard, please double check the name to make sure you received the correct food delivery. There might be other deliveries made in the same establishment.

2.5 In case your meals will be received by another person, you may also provide us with a direct contact number and name of the person in charge.

2.6 During delivery and you’re not around after all attempts to reach you via sms & calls with the number you provided and there’s still no advise within 15 minutes. The meals will be dropped using the following ways: leave to receptionist or guard if permitted by the management; hang to the gate securely or at the front door or other possible ways to securely leave your meals. Keto Nanay will not be held liable to whatever happens to your meals afterwards. Delivery will be cancelled if no ways possible to leave the meals but it will still be charged.

2.7. Special request for specific time of delivery will be charge additionally. Food will be delivered separately via Lalamove/Grab Express.


3.1 Consume your food within the day upon receipt to keep it fresh before consumption.

3.2 Please do not put the meals in the freezer as this will wilt down vegetables like the salad greens and might affect the appearance of some ingredients of the food.

3.3 In case you’re not around to accept the delivery personally, we require your food to be chilled. If it will be stored in a lobby, guard house, or another similar place, please make sure that it is not humid or away from direct sunlight.

3.4 Please be reminded that the guards/receptionist will be liable in case the food was endorsed or delivered to them.

3.5 All meals are prepped, plated and packed carefully. There may be times that they will arrive a bit shaken and out of the original plating but rest assured the nutrients and ingredients are not compromised.


4.1 Your meal should be reheated in the microwave from 15 seconds up to a maximum of 30 seconds to avoid over cooking.

4.2 In case you don’t have a microwave, you can also reheat it through the stovetop. Kindly place it in another container.

4.3 Kindly remove the lid and the sauce cup (if there is any) before reheating.


5.1 In case of spoilage, please inform us as soon as possible and attach a photo of the food for inspection and further action.

5.2 Please be reminded that some meals smell funny when you open them, or even after you reheat them. Don’t worry as they normalize as soon as you air them out. To better understand the composition of the food, contact Keto Nanay.

5.3 In case you are still unsure, you can check the food to see, if it is unusually moist or watery or with bubbles– this is one of the most common signs of spoilage.

5.4 Kindly message us, as soon as possible, for any food concerns.

Plant-based Organisms

6.1 Our vegetables & fruits are delivered fresh and pesticide-free. Our kitchen staffs clean and check everything to ensure that no plant-based organisms make it to your meals.

6.2 Always check your food before consumption especially plant-based meals like salads, in case you see plant-based organisms such as worms or snails please inform us and kindly attach a picture for inspection and further action.

6.3 Since these plant-based organisms are not harmful but mere proofs that the vegetables and fruits are fresh & pesticide free, after an internal investigation we can refund the affected meals or we can send an extra set on the next delivery.

6.4 Kindly contact us as soon as possible for any food concerns.

For Pregnant Women

7.1 While we understand the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet for pregnant women, we highly recommend that you consult your physician regarding our programs and menu before you sign up.

7.2 We will also request a list of the food that you need to avoid or food that you are not fond of eating.

7.3 We also suggest the calorie count of 1800 to 2000 calories on top of your regular food consumption.


8.1 Please do direct message Keto Nanay and avoid texting to subscribe to avoid any miscommunication or doubled subscription in a certain week.

9.2 We would like to remind you that avoid texting hotline for meal subscription. If you sign up with 2 different hotlines and 2 sets were delivered, they will be charged to you accordingly.

9.3 Please do give us ample time to answer your inquiries or concern. If it is an urgent matter, we suggest that you text the number and will return call instead. (inquiries and concerns will be answered within 15 mins to 1 hour after sending your message)

9.4 We also suggest that you send us an SMS or personal messages through for any concerns. You can also send your inquiries via SMS or Viber.

9.5 Subscription will not proceed if you do not settle the payment within the timeframe agreed, please wait for the confirmation.

9.6 Signing up to Keto Nanay meal delivery via SMS, Facebook, Instagram, email or other form of communications constitute that dieter/customer are fully entrusting their diet to the expertise of Keto Nanay any health concerns incurred during the service will be at the dieter/customer’s own risk.

9.7 Keto Nanay reserves the right to refuse giving service to any dieter/customer at its reasonable discretion.


10.1 You can process a payment with us through bank deposits or online transfers through BDO, BPI, or Gcash/Paymaya.

10.2 Please transact with us only through our legitimate accounts:

BPI: 3089 1176 06 (savings)

BDO: 0024 6020 1784 (savings)

Account Name: Rechel P. Alinsunurin

10.3 You can make a payment until Saturday 7PM to be included on the first delivery of the week.

10.4 No COD for meal subsciption

Health Concerns

11.1 For pregnant women, minors, senior citizens, and those with health conditions, we highly recommend that you consult a physician before signing up for any of our programs.

11.2 Please do indicate your specific food restrictions on the sign-up form.

11.3 If you are not able to provide us with a doctor’s recommendation, you will be signing up at your own risk. Keto Nanay will not be liable for any unfavorable results from meal subscription.